Fit Teen Program

Fit Teen is a free class that formally introduces youth from middle school (if youth is 11 years old they must show a middle school ID) to 15 years of age, to the Wellness Room. Our Fit Teen program follows national YMCA fitness regulations and prohibits teens less than 16 years of age from using the weight room. The course is approximately one hour long and is taught by one of our Fitness Technicians. Fit Teen classes cover a large amount of material. Review the back of this contract for an example of the curriculum.

Fit Teen classes are offered every Thursday at 6:00 pm—but registration is required. If these times are inconvenient, please contact the Fitness Technician Supervisor, Steven Stubbs (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to arrange another time. Enrollment in class will NOT be accepted until this completed and signed form is submitted to the front desk. At that time, your teen will be registered for the next available class.

Before enrollment, please carefully review and discuss the following rules with your child. After review, parents/guardians should sign this form and submit to the front desk for the next available appointment time.

  • Any teen under 16 years of age is required to successfully complete the Fit Teen Program in order to use the Cardio/Wellness Room. The teen is required to WEAR their red Fit Teen pass at all times when in the Wellness Room. No exceptions. Failure to wear a pass will result in removal from the Wellness Room with possible suspension of visiting privileges.
  • At no time is anyone less than 16 years of age allowed in the Weight Room. ANY teen under 16 will immediately be removed. Repeated failure to adhere to this rule will result in suspension of membership at the YMCA. This is a national, fitness industry-wide regulation and is non-negotiable.
  • If the Fit Teen pass is misplaced, a new one can be purchased at a cost of $5.00
  • Any misconduct by Fit Teen members in the Fitness Areas will result in disciplinary action. These actions range from short term suspension from Wellness Room activities to permanent suspension of YMCA membership.



Dorchester YMCA Fit Teen Curriculum

I.  Welcome and Purpose of Class

II.  Rules & Regulations of Wellness Room

III.  Prohibition from Weight Room

a.  Reason

b.  Enforcement

IV.  Cardio Machines

a.  Instruction Life Fitness Machines

b.  Elipticals- benefits & how to use

c.  Treadmills- benefits & how to use

d.  Stair climbers- benefits & how to use

e.  Life Fitness Bikes- benefits & differences

f.  Spin Bikes- benefits & why different

g.  Rowing Machines- benefits

V.  Free weight equipment

a.  Dumbbells

b.  Weight bench

VI.  Weight Machines

a.  Set up & purpose of each machine

b.  Highlight pull-up dip machine

VII.  Record Keeping

a.  Benefits

b.  How to do it

VIII.  Behavior

a.  Disinfecting Machines

b.  Fitness Center “Manners”

c. Volume Control

IX. Question & Answer

X. Closing & Distribution of Fit Teen Passes